A Moon age daydream…

pointilist drawing of the moon in white ink on black paper by holly holt
Tonight’s moon is known as a Hunters Moon which is the full moon that comes after the Harvest Moon (and that’s a lot of moons in one sentence..) It won’t be quite as exciting as the supermoon total eclipse we got last month (if you didn’t get up at 2am to catch that, what were you playing at?) which gave us a deep, burnt, blood-red moon that looked to me, as it neared totality, as though there were flames licking up the sides trying to catch it on fire. Just stunning! But it’s drawings (not moon related digression) that we’re here for, so without further ado…
Sticking with the white on black theme, here’s something I’ve been working on this week. Our beautiful Moon drawn in millions of tiny white dots. This is actually part of a bigger drawing so more will be revealed. Stay tuned. Do not adjust your set. 

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