Carrying around an empty head…

pointilist bird skull drawing by holly holt

Now, I’m not really the macabre type but when I came across the delicate, fragile treasure of a bird skull on the coast at Flookburgh I just had to bring it home. It’s some kind of little wading bird, though there’s so many that look identical to the untrained eye, I couldn’t tell you what it is (any twitchers out there, answers on a postcard). I really didn’t have any intention of drawing it but I never had any intention of drawing anything, I just don’t know what else to do with my hands..

pointilist bird skull drawing by holly holt
Once I started I got a bit carried away and drew it quite a lot of times, which is an incredibly rare occurrence for my non-existent attention span. These are my favourites, drawn in dots (which is a bit habit forming, consider that fair warning!) Some people refer to this technique as pointilism but strictly speaking, it’s stippling, which sounds like a style of painting to me. Although it’s pointilism that is actually a painting technique. Confused? Yeah, me too. I’m just going to call it drawing with millions of dots. Genius! Like magnified subatomic particles. Actually, nothing like that at all.
pointilist bird skull underside drawing by holly holt
This one is my favourite, the underside. These drawings are quite a bit bigger than the real life skull, I can scarcely believe it once housed a miniature brain. 


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