Experimentation is an active science…

pointilist ladybird illustration in the cmyk colour model by holly holt
More dots…I told you it was habit forming! Along with a rarer thing for me, colour.
These little ladies are something I began with good intentions and then promptly misplaced. Having found them again, I decided they either had to go or be finished, so here they are. Ladybirds given a revamp in new, far out costumes. I was going for a sort of experimental ladybird test card using the CMYK colour model that printers use; cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). Don’t think I’m all techy, I just looked that up. It was an excuse to try out my newly acquired acrylic inks, that’s all. They’re not very symmetrical or evenly spaced (I just went for it freehand in pen…on wallpaper, which seemed like a good idea at the time) and the colours have bled outside the edges but I quite like them because of that rather than despite it. I don’t usually wear rose tinted spectacles to look at my own work but they’ve made me show these off when I really wasn’t going to. I’d better take them off again before anything else weird happens!

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