Spinning a yarn…

ball of wool gift tag drawing in ballpoint pen by holly holt

Some of the people that I know and love put the odd request in here and there (by odd I mean both infrequently and peculiar). This is one that kept me busy for a short time the other day. Since I quite like creating lettering, and in absence of the mental clarity required to upload anything else, I thought I’d share it. This swirly writing is starting to become my signature text, I’ll have to keep an eye on that…
If you’re struggling to guess what it might be, it’s a gift tag for a “hand knitted emergency allotment hat” (hopefully the potential emergency is just unexpectedly inclement weather). And no, of course I didn’t knit the hat, I’ve never even seen the hat! Biros are my weapon of choice, the pen is mightier than the knitting needle.


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