Why have paper when you can have skin?

clockwork nightingale tattoo
Now available on your flesh…Here’s something I’m quite excited about today. One of my drawings, etched onto skin forever as a tattoo. Not my own I hasten to add! 
I’m genuinely honoured, such skill has gone into recreating it and I think it works quite nicely (even if I do say so myself). I’m told it was a tattooist called Marcos Ribeiro at Black Garden Tattoo, Covent Garden. So thank you Marcos, you’ve really done a fabulous job. I feel immortal (well I’ve gained at least a decade). 

clockwork nightingale tattoo
The request was a Nightingale and I decided that because they’re quite a plain looking bird, I’d give it a bit of a steampunk vibe. So it became a clockwork toy version with the significant initials “EPN” added to the key to wind it. 

clockwork nightingale tattoo

clockwork nightingale tattoo
clockwork nightingale tattoo
That last picture is a bit dodgy but shows the general size and positioning of the tattoo. I guess it sort of wraps around the arm a bit. I haven’t actually seen it in the flesh (yet).
Below is the original drawing, or something like it. I really think this Marcos guy has improved on what I started. A strange collaborative project in which the participants have never crossed paths… 

steampunk clockwork nightingale tattoo design by holly holt

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