If I could have it back, I’d only waste it again…

ballpoint pen drawing of the dark side of the moon by holly holt
I’ve spent a disproportionate amount of Earth hours doodling away at this and it still doesn’t quite feel done…It’s really hard to know when to stop. I miss a drawing when it’s finished, it’s a tiny bit of me gone forever. Then I forget it exists and start the next one. The circle of creative life.
This is my interpretation of the far side of the Moon, first seen by human eyeballs in 1968 by Apollo 8 astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders. My name is not amongst those who’ve seen the dark side so I had to make do with the Apollo photo archives. But since I’m an energy conservationist (lazy), most of the cratering is from imagination. A bit of creative license goes a long way..all the way to the Moon in my case. 
PS – apologies for the weird text alignment, formatting is having none of it today. 


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