Oh heaven knows we’ll soon be dust….

pointilist drawing of a skeleton on a high wire by holly holt
I don’t want to give too much away about this because it’s not really my thing to share, I’m just the illustrator. So in the spirit of science and rational thinking, I’ll just stick to the facts: This little skeleton ballerina is part of the dotty Moon drawing I did a few weeks ago. I had to put a bit of distance between me and that Moon, this happens quite a lot but it helps me to think about how to proceed. The end product is absolutely nothing like the original request. The idea was very specific and put me in mind of the art of Roger Dean, whose style is very surreal and sci-fi and one I would only be able to emulate poorly I think (plus, I don’t paint, too much cleaning up). 
As I’m still at the stage of putting things out there quickly before I have chance to censor myself, I’m showing this bit off (because I like it) and I promise the full drawing will be coming soon to a screen near you… 

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