Hit the bottom and escape…

illustration of a mermaid skeleton in a jar in ballpoint pen by holly holt
“A mermaid has no tears, and so she suffers so much more…” 
This drawing makes me feel sad. I almost wish I hadn’t done it. A captured, lonely thing. I drew the jar ages ago when I was into illustrating glass in a big way…er, yeah. Anyway, the jar sat empty in a sketchbook for a bit and the other day, while I was on the subject of skeletons, this idea of mermaid bones came to me. Are you picking up the vibe that I leave a lot of things with a “to be continued” tagline? 
It’s not really turned out how I expected but I quite like it when that happens (which is pretty much every time) it’s like these things draw me rather than the other way round. Strange creatures swimming around inside my head waiting to get out… 

1 Comment

  1. Aaaaaaaaaw, she's adorable. I can't decide if she's waving or signalling for help. So sad as you said. Incredible drawing Hol, you never cease to astonish me.


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