Come on let’s crawl…

shield bug drawing by holly holt
I really love these shield bugs (yes, apparently they’re officially bugs not beetles). This little fella landed on me back in the days when the sun shone, so I quickly took a picture before he flew away because I knew I’d end up drawing him. I seem to come back to dots when I draw insects but this is what you might call mixed media. Oooh, branching out! Here we have dots in fineline pen; acrylic ink then not one but two shades of green ballpoint. Oh yes, my friends, acid green biro exists in the world, rejoice! I’d drawn this and inked it up but I really wasn’t feeling it so once again it was neglected for a few weeks until I recalled the existence of the green pens (after stating that I had no use for green pens). Now he’s a sparkling peridot. Quite a bit more vibrant than the real life bug but wouldn’t we all add a bit of glimmer if we were to illustrate ourselves? Don’t get used to it, I’ll be back in black soon enough. 

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