From my window to yours…

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I can’t say much about this really, it is what it is. A little festive ballpoint illustration to bring some joy (no irony in the voice or anything…) I’m not going to say I like it because I’m not so sure…it’s colour again. In paradox to the real world version of me, the planet inside my head where the drawings live is a monochrome place. When I get the inks or the coloured biro’s out, it’s never quite the same. I think they lose something of the original idea and then it’s too late. 
If you’re interested, here it is before I coloured it (I feel much better now).
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Anyway, I’d like to wish anyone who actually reads this stream of consciousness a very happy festive season. If Christmas isn’t your bag, I hope you’re able enjoy some peace anyway. A lot is going on in the world, good and bad. Everyone is trying to get somewhere and everyone has lost something precious. Think on. Merry Christmas. 


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