The tranquility of solitude…

ballpoint pen drawing of a bird skeleton inside an egg by holly holt
Another weird little creature that wouldn’t leave me alone. It was just a matter of where to put she ended up in an egg. I drew this really as a way of starting a new sketchbook. Most people who draw or write get intimidated from time to time by the dreaded blank page, especially the first page of a new sketchbook. I’m not usually big on sketchbooks, I give up as soon as a drawing isn’t “perfect” and it becomes another place to jot down recipes and shopping lists, but this one has the purest, smooth, white paper (that’s kind of a holy grail for me) so I dived in with this doodle. 
I thought about giving her furniture, a cup of tea perhaps, maybe a picture on her shell wall but as with this drawing, I quite like the emptiness. A cross section, slicing into someone’s tranquil hideaway. As for what she’s reading…who knows? Perhaps she’s revisiting one of her old sketchbooks.

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