A slice of life…

acrylic ink drawing of tree rings by holly holt
Sometimes it’s just too hard to maintain the level of intensity required for fine detail, sometimes the ink needs to run, sometimes the art needs to make itself and let me know when it’s done. But even then I can’t just let things be. 
This was an experiment in acrylic ink. Shall I explain how I did it? Sigh…oh, alright then. The paper was wet and the ink diluted and dotted on with a brush from the centre. It was quite mesmerising to watch such unexpectedly concentric circles forming and it was nice to get lost in the swirl, the bleeding of each layer into the next. Some additions with a very fine brush and a slightly more saturated ink solution created the odd darker line here and there. But what exactly was it? Newton’s rings? Ripples on water? Magnetic field lines? I knew I’d have to work into it somewhere with the biro, I couldn’t leave it alone so it became a sliced tree showing it’s growth rings with ballpoint bark on the outside. I’ve tried not to overdo it and just keep the pen to the edges, the ink effect is very subtle in places but that’s ok. Maybe you see something different…

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