Under skin is where I hide…

ballpoint pen blue dragon eye drawing by holly holt
Hmmm…how do I go about explaining this? Not the kind of thing I usually go in for is it? I was asked for the Eye of Providence done as some kind of creatures eye looking like it’s peering out from under the skin – this is going to be adapted into a tattoo at some undefined point in the future. I suppose some people have art put under their skin and some people have the opposite happen.
This drawing started life as an octopus eye and then changed to a dragon (of sorts) after battling with tentacles and losing miserably. I don’t think this animal would have talons like that though and they aren’t really big enough to belong to it either so I’m going to assume that some other unfortunate thing has got itself trapped under there with it. So the all seeing eye is blue, has scales and captures unsuspecting smaller reptiles to keep under human skin. Someone better let the Masons know…

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