Your head will collapse if there’s nothing in it…

ballpoint drawing of a cow skull by holly holt

Lately, when I don’t know where to put myself, I’ve started to draw dead heads. I was getting to a point this week where my mind was going to explode if I didn’t put pen to paper, so I channelled the energy into this cow skull. I like the contrast of my head being too full and this one being completely empty and yet it still feels like it’s watching me, casting a critical eye. It brings to mind this story by Annie Proulx.

This is actually something that I never normally do…practice. A preliminary sketch for another skull drawing that I’m going to be starting soon (I hope). I just needed to make sure I could do it, an exercise in satisfying the curiosity. I’d usually just go for it and to hell with the consequences. I must be losing my edge…


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