Love without your heartbeat…

anatomical heart illustration by holly holt

This is horribly unoriginal but after poring over the beautiful illustrations by Henry Vandyke Carter in Gray’s Anatomy, I got the feeling that I wanted to draw a heart. Once I’d had a look at a few, (pictures that is, I’ve not branched out into amateur surgery) I tried to draw as much as I could from memory and imagination without checking the details, which is partly why my aorta is very similar to the way I’d draw twigs. I thought about inking it up but I couldn’t find the red bottle and magenta wasn’t going to cut the mustard so I’ve left it mono. It works well enough, I think. Do you know, I can’t find an actual illustration of a full heart in Gray’s book? Disappointing.
Anyway, look after your heart; eat fibre, don’t smoke and if you must give it away, be sure it will be gratefully received. Happy Valentines.

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