The places you don’t go…

dandelion illustration by holly holt
This morning I came across some little black cards with nice crinkly edges. I don’t know what they were originally for but they’re for this now. In theory, I love drawing in white on black paper…in reality, it’s a bit of a mare. Theory does not agree with experiment. Unforgiving is the word I’d choose for it. The main problem is that the pen people haven’t really come up with a white pen yet that suits my purpose, to be honest I’m still awaiting the invention of the white biro. But it was a nice mental interlude from something else I’m working on at the moment that’s taking a really long time. 
dandelion illustration by holly holt
These dandelions are quite tiny, the cards are slightly bigger than a business card. I was going to add a third drawing of the seeds floating away but they weren’t turning out so well. So I’ve left it at two because it was a doodle just to use the cards for something rather than throw them in the recycling box…Note to self: don’t sweat the small stuff. 


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