It comes back but it’s never the same…

ballpoint pen lighthouse illustration by holly holt
I’ve been having a really extreme bout of drawing block lately. I’ve got pictures in my head but I can’t seem to send them down my arm and into a pen, the link appears to have been severed. There’s a few different ways I usually respond to this depending on the level of meltdown. On this occasion, after starting and abandoning a couple of other things, I thought it best to just scribble it out, play with some textures and see what happened. So here we are…again.
As well as bones, extremes of light and dark have become a bit of a fascination of mine and trying to create illumination from a light source in ballpoint pen presents a nice way to scratch about in the shadows. I can’t explain why my lightning bolts shine in different ways to each other and I can’t explain why the sea is not as choppy as the weather suggests but it’s nice to be back. 

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