Wash out the sand but never the sound…

seashell pointilist drawing by holly holt
In a further attempt to get back into drawing again, I started dotting this. Did it work? It’s too early to say. I like the idea but I’m not sure on the style. It wasn’t going to be dots and it wasn’t going to be sepia but as I’ve said before, this stuff draws me just as much as I draw it and the dots and colour kind of emulates the grainy texture of sand and sea shells. I’m convinced that things like that creep in on a subconscious level because I only realised this when the drawing was half finished. I should probably keep that to myself and let folk think I know what I’m doing…
I did, however, intend this to be a sequel to the whale ribs in a way; another lonely seascape with an ambiguous natural form. I’m trying to create a juxtaposition between the feeling of awe at the delicate beauty of nature and the sense of unease at such a thing becoming imposing, menacing even (and that is a very pretentious sentence but I can’t describe it in working class, “grim up north” terms, sorry.) Or is it just a normal shell and the child who ran off and left her bucket behind really, really tiny? 

1 Comment

  1. I immediately want to climb into the shell castle and make noises like you do under a bridge. The picture evokes feelings of happiness and freedom. Beautiful.


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