The dream again nobody understands…

This was intended as a sketch to plan out an idea, but I probably won’t bother drawing it properly now, it kind of got on my nerves once I got started. I do quite like the neon exit sign though – I really thought I was on to something when I came up with that…
It was inspired by a recurring dream I started having about a year ago, although this image isn’t so true to dream life..In the dream I’m in a building where every room looks identical and I can’t find my way out. I come to a space where a Minotaur (of sorts) is standing behind a counter or service hatch and I tell him I can’t find my way. He says nothing but points to a door and when I open it I’m outside. Then I wake up. My Minotaur isn’t really like the one in the dream, whom I suspect may just be a bloke in a mask. The life of a skint artist, even my dreams are low budget. 


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