Under a blue moon…

acrylic ink moon illustration by holly holt
Last night was a blue moon, which despite a day of pretty grim weather, I managed to catch a glimpse of later in the evening. One thought led to another and before I know it, I’m making pictures of the moon again. This is a response to the previous drawing in a way, almost a dialogue with myself about day and night which is echoed in the technique. Here, I was removing lines rather than adding them, drawing out the image with masking fluid then peeling it away once the ink was added. Just a little experiment, but I like the immediacy of this style. Apart from waiting for the mask and ink to dry, producing this had a nice energy about it and some mesmerising patterns swirling in the ink and water. 
To me this feels like you’re lying on the ground looking up through the branches, completely unintentional but that’s the great thing about experimentation: the discovery of something unexpected. 
Masking fluid on application…spooky…

…and after it dried…

And check out the name of the ink! I’d never noticed that before…

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