This is how it feels to be small…

This idea (or something like it) has been rattling around the inside of my skull like a beetle in a bottle for some time now. I like the idea of drawing collections; hundreds of the-same-but-different items like you’d find in a museum. In practice I probably don’t have the attention span for it, although I do really love to draw insects over and over again. Natures sparkling gems that I’d like to train to stay still on the lapel of my jacket when I go out like a pet/jewellery combo…I digress, back to the drawing: as I said, the idea was a museum collection and I was going to house them in a case with labels but when it came down to it, I couldn’t bear them to be locked up or worse…So mine are alive and free but they can’t read so hopefully they’ve put themselves into the right order (the artist cannot be held responsible for discrepancies in the name tags). They’re also happy to sit while you look at them, just don’t stay too long they’re ready for a tea break.

coloured ink and ballpoint pen beetle drawing by holly holt
Just for fun I thought I’d colour them with acrylic ink, I’ll leave this open to interpretation but I know what I think…

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