Flying too close to the Moon…

A while back I drew the Minotaur, hesitating over the agonising decision of whether to make a break for freedom or stay a prisoner of the only home he’d ever known…a sort of mythological Stockholm syndrome. So here’s another subversion of the original myth. I had the idea of drawing Icarus and I was going to keep it simple but then as my over active imagination assumed control, Icarus became a woman…then the Sun became the Moon (of course)…then obviously nothing but the infinite blackness of space would do for a backdrop. I could never be accused of cutting corners, that’s at least (I stopped counting) six layers of crosshatched and scribbled black ballpoint, the fine kind not even medium! Why do I put myself through it? 
The Moon proved quite troublesome too but I ended up experimenting at the eleventh hour with pigment marker blender over the biro which turned out quite nicely, just smoothed some of the harshness. The image above is a black and white version, below is how the drawing actually looks in real life. The blender turned the biro a bit blue, which I do like but I think the whole drawing would need to be a bit blue too. Another experiment for another time…


  1. She is adorable, right down to her ankle bracelet. Love your take on the fable which is close to my heart. The moon seems hollow ed out as if all the gravity has gone. …to her peril perhaps. Absolutely amazing penmanship.


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