Like a moth to a flame…

Or in this case, a light bulb. These are the moths that flutter around in my brain when I have an idea for a drawing. They flit aimlessly, bouncing off the walls of my skull. Some of them get fried up and die but every now and again one settles on something half decent. 
That wasn’t the intention of this drawing, I just wanted to draw a bigger light bulb. The thought only occurred to me as it was nearly finished that it was quite a nice metaphor and that something subconscious was at play. I like light bulbs as an image, they’re quite harsh and give a strong contrast between the darkness and the light. I did tell myself I wasn’t going to do any more intense blackness with the biro for a while but all too soon I returned to it, like…well, you know the simile. 

1 Comment

  1. Like humans drawn to the sun, l like how the moths look massive next to the bulb but hovering tentatively. We're all slaves to our desires.


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