Like empty shells…

It often only occurs to me after a drawing is finished where the idea might have come from. I’ve probably said it before many times but it’s subconscious, I find it very difficult to come up with something when I think “I’d like to include x/y/z in a drawing,” but let my mind roam around and things appear. This, I now see, has some science fiction elements (no shit, it’s a shell the size of a tower block!); Ray Bradbury’s earpiece shells from Farenheit 451, Arthur C Clarke’s imposing monoliths…none of this is intentional but it creeps in and curls up by my feet and I hear it breathing softly in the background, or is that just the snoring pug? 
I promised myself I would finish this before the year was out and for once I set a goal and stuck to it, long may that continue. It was a polishing up of an old idea and I can lay it to rest now, though I don’t think it’ll truly be the end; I like the uncanny feeling of unnatural scale. I’m looking forward to the stillness of January and the chance to rifle through my notes and scribbles for the next old/new thing. 
Happy New Year. 

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