My silhouette is stationary…

I was looking forward to a weekend of vegetation. The plan was to get home on Friday and turn into furniture until Monday morning. But I woke up yesterday fizzing with energy, I couldn’t keep still and the intense, delicate drawing that’s consumed my January so far was definitely not the place to channel it. I needed to chuck ink about with no consideration for the end product (or the upholstery). I’ve used this technique before and I’m not going to say it works marvellously or that I love it, but it satisfies a need every now and again. I paint the shadows with masking fluid; ink in the whites then remove the masking. So here’s my favourite from the cutting room floor, an experimental spaceboy. I’ve added a bit of black and white pen here and there this morning because I just cant leave things alone. I’m throwing him out there, because you don’t know what you’ve got till someone tells you…

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