Mr Ziggy Stardust (the second) celebrates his twelfth birthday soon and I wanted to capture some of the softer, faded appearance he’s taken on over the past couple of years. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn like this, I used to do animal portraits all the time (why!?) but this is the first I think I’ve ever done in ballpoint. I could have taken it further but I like a drawing to look like a drawing, even when the level of detail needs to be realistic. I don’t often give out advice on drawing, I’m no expert and I can’t explain how I do it anyway, but one thing I do say is if you want it to be perfect, take a photo instead. Something should be like you after you take your hands away…


  1. I love this little fella so much and miss having him in my life. This picture is perfect as it makes me smile and makes me cry. Hope your watching out for us from your little planet.x


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