To be cut adrift…

Every now and again I lose myself (not in a good way) and need something to bring me back into the solar system. Drawing nature usually sets me right so this sketchy little envelope woodpecker let me know I’ve still got something. And I really threw caution to the wind and got the red biro out…

Once I was in a position to re-enter the atmosphere of the ballpoint pen, I took this little tattoo request as well. It was to be inspired by The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen and needed to include a boat and a lyric. The rest was up to me.

I’ve always understood it as a song about death and our inexorable (and fast) journey towards it (did I say I was back in a good mood?) so we decided on the reaper in his boat. If he’s got one. Has he? Since he’s open to interpretation and not real and art is subjective I’m saying yes, he does. 
I liked the idea of repeating the moon so the scythe and boat both became crescents, which all fit neatly into the shape of the moon in the background. Neat doesn’t come naturally to me but a plan came together on this occasion… 
Here’s the original little sketch I did to throw the ideas out, for once I didn’t deviate too far from the original but that’s neither a good or a bad thing, just a fact. Apologies for the scrappy, ripped off Instagram pictures but the scanner is also orbiting it’s own uninhabitable zone somewhere. I just wanted to talk about drawing for a bit… 

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