I hide them everywhere…

Here is my anonymous entry for A Letter in Mind, a charity exhibition for The National Brain Appeal. The art is currently on display at the Oxo Tower (gallery@oxo) on the South Bank, London. The name of the person who did the work (still won’t refer to myself as an artist) was only revealed when the piece had sold so I couldn’t show it until now – yes, someone delved into the depths of their sanity and paid good money for this! It’s for charity…I’ll let you off. 

The theme was “A Sense of Place” and at first glance you’re probably wondering what in the name of all that’s right and good this jar of critters could mean? It’s probably easier to share a bit of the description I sent in with it to be given to the buyer…

‘Lay o’ers to catch meddlers’ is an old Lancashire saying that my Nanna used to use. Literally, it refers to a type of trap but is used in dialect as a warning to a meddlesome person who really ought to mind their own business, an answer to the question “what’s in that drawer, Nanna?” So why the weird thimbles? Well, as a little girl, this is what I imagined a lay o’er to be; the thimbles from the sewing box with beaks and spindly legs (I’m scared of spiders) to run out and nip prying fingers. So my ‘sense of place’ is my past, my roots, my broad Lancashire accent, the source of my imagination, the child within, the dark corner of the cupboard where I keep my secrets – with its own special brand of security guard.

The exhibition is still running until 1st October 2017 and you can also view and purchase the artwork HERE.

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