I never try to find you…

I’ve been away. Physically, mentally, metaphorically…but I feel like I’m back now with the completion of this. Creativity comes with it’s own set of Faustian terms and conditions. It drags you out to sea sometimes. Or leaves you on the shore when you wanted to get in the boat.
This is part one of two commissioned drawings and the only instruction for this one was to contain two skulls and have ravens involved somewhere. When I draw for other people I see it as a shared idea and what they had in mind when they asked for it is probably definitely very different to what I had in mind…but if you aren’t specific, you get something from the recesses of my brain and this idea was already half formed, I was just waiting for the remnants to catch up. I like to weave a bit of a narrative, so it’s anthropomorphic skeletons caught between life and death, with a floral vibe. I can’t put it any simpler than that…

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