Ghost of the night moon…


I like the day moon for different reasons to the night moon, though I love both equally. Where the night moon is crisp and solid, the day moon is ethereal and soft. The day moon lacks the coldness of the night moon and gives off a warm glow as the blue gives way to dusk. The night moon shines with reflected light but the day moon hides as a lightly sketched smudge on the sky, mistaken for a cloud until you take a second glance. You have to hunt for it. The night moon is an anchor, tethering us to the Earth, reminding us we’re on a spinning ball of rock in a system of other spinning balls of rock. The day moon disorientates, it moves towards you if you look too long. It feels like it shouldn’t be there, cut from glassine paper and superimposed onto nitrogen blue like the world has been knocked off kilter; day and night happening at the same time.

It feels to me like they aren’t the same thing…The day moon is a ghost of the night moon.


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