A strange fear gripped me…


The call of the void. Those strange little self destructive thoughts that come and go in an instant when the opportunity arises to jump, swerve the car, cut the tether. That wasn’t truly what was on my mind here but it fits nicely. Not really meaning to float away forever but the flash happened and it was irresistible. In reality, I keep this to touching wet paint…edgy.

I enjoy the anonymity of drawing astronauts, being unable to see who’s behind the visor. I suppose it lets you put yourself there and imagine how it might be to drift off into the vacuum. Douglas Coupland said that adventure without risk is Disneyland. It’s a phrase I often use but don’t really mean. I’m a scaredy cat. As someone who enthuses about space travel and bores people to death talking about the Apollo missions to the Moon, it’s probably surprising to people that if I was offered the chance of space flight there’s no way I’d go. I’m far too fearful and I’d never survive the training. I’ve been to Disneyland though…

L’appel du vide/The call of the void, 2018, ink on paper

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