An abstract concept…

Today is new Moon, which is a nice opportunity to write about the Moon for a bit (again…)

Lunar Abstraction I, melted wax crayon on paper

Some time ago now, I started a little series of semi-abstract pictures of the Moon. Mostly spontaneous, sometimes even completely accidental and done with whatever materials are close at hand or spring to mind: wax, coffee grounds, blackest black pigment and have included photography, negative space, ghostly imprints of “proper” drawings…

Lunar Abstraction II, Melted wax crayon on semi-burnt paper

They were never really intended as anything much really, they still aren’t, but I’ve enjoyed looking back at them all and curating them today.

Lunar Abstraction III, Neon ink and Black 1.0 pigment powder on paper
Lunar Abstraction IV, ballpoint pen on paper

There may be more to come, there may not be, but they’ve served as inspirational accidents, low-pressure experimentation and
welcome breaks from detail

Lunar Abstration V, steeped hibiscus flowers on rice paper
Lunar Abstration VI, coffee grounds on paper
Lunar Abstraction VII, ink on paper
Lunar Abstraction VIII, water on black paper (no longer in existence due to drying)

I call them my “Lunar Abstractions,” the Moon as an abstract concept. Because a cold, impervious ball of rock in the sky doesn’t justify the amount of time I spend on it. Metaphorically speaking of course…

Lunar Abstraction IX, white and metallic inks on paper

Some, like the one above are deliberate (I put this one in an exhibiton.) The one below was also more structured and has been resurrected as a work in progress (stay tuned…)

Lunar Abstraction X, ink on paper

And others, like the following two, are just spacey close-ups of my morning coffee…

Lunar Abstraction XI (Crescent), coffee bubbles
Lunar Abstraction XII (Dark Side), coffee bubbles

This last one was a chance find, I opened up my black sketchbook and there was a new Moon on a new Moon! Cosmic coincidence…

Lunar Abstraction XIII (New Moon), imprinted wax residue

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