A tumultuous silence…

Supermoon VIII

Looking back over these chalk moons, I’m struck by a melancholy edge. They exude a silence never fully experienced on Earth. I’ve reminded myself of Edvard Munch in style and tone, the quiet turmoil of a mind in a cold place…I suppose we do what feels right at the time.

In order of personal preference: Supermoon Series I-X, 2019. Conté crayon on black paper

Supermoon IX
Supermoon V
Worm moon (Supermoon X)
Supermoon IV
Supermoon VI
Supermoon VII
Supermoon II
Supermoon III
Supermoon I

1 Comment

  1. Wow!!, love how you have used the colours in a restrained way, the chalk is perfect for a moon surface. Who would think that she can look so different on any given night. A true lady ; )


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