About Holly

IMG_3135I’m Holly, I like to draw stuff…Hello!

I have a vivid imagination and I’m inspired by things that are tiny, things that have died, things that crawl, fly or come out at night. I love astronomy and the night sky too and the Moon is a recurrent theme as are skulls and bones. Here you’ll find traces of all the flotsam I pick up as I go along and the stuff that gathers dust in the dark corners of my brain.

My weapon of choice is the humble ballpoint pen, though I often experiment with other mediums too. The contrast between light and dark is a fascination of mine and ballpoint captures the intensity in the right way, yet has a warmth about it too. And I just hate sharpening pencils, if evolution had intended us to sharpen pencils, Mr Bic would never have invented the Biro.

When I’m not drawing you’ll find me (pretending to be) on the Moon.

Over and out.