Naming, shaming and reclaiming…

This drawing was torturous. It’s nothing like I’d hoped it would be. You win some, you lose some. In it’s favour, it’s made me think about perhaps needing to give things proper names. When I entered my drawings into a gallery exhibition recently, they needed names and it did my head in thinking of them. Art shouldn’t need words, that’s the whole point! And yet here I am writing about it, don’t ever accuse me of being consistent. So, in spite of myself and after reading some Greek mythology as research for my next drawing, I call this “Thanatos,” god of natural, gentle and non-violent death. Which is what this drawing was meant to express; being slowly reclaimed by the earth, still beautiful, just in a different way. I like it better already…

Thanatos 2017, black and violet ballpoint pen on paper

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