The doors to the soul…

Caprice itself, 2019. Chalk, ink and mirror transfer on paper

A response to a feeling. A yearning for something we can’t have, that can’t ever be. This is about dreaming and wanting and loving something just because you love it, not because there might be anything in return. And expressing all of that through a simple gesture. Drawings of my hands are deeply personal, they’re a self-portrait and give away much more than a drawing of my face ever could. Not just because they’re where my art comes out from but because they hold all my tension, make my speech expressive and tether me to the past with little nervous motions I’ve made since I was tiny. They jump to my face when I’m self conscious and take on a movement of their own when anxiety sets in. Our faces might identify us but it’s our hands that show off who we really are in what we make, how we touch, what we’re reaching out for. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the hands are the doors to it…

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